I love my Chloe lots :) xx

I just don’t want to cry anymore

Can I just OD again tonight…? (via fake-a-laugh)

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I don’t want to hurt anyone but right now suicide is the only option, sorry.


So close to the overdose, all of the pills and tablets are on my bed side table.. There’s nothing to stop me..

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Being fat.


Im fat. And i know it. I want to change it and always think about changing it, but then i notice how big i am, and that makes me sad, so i eat. Its always at night as well, i need food. And i hate it.

If I ever have kids, unlike you ill never let them be without me!!! :’( (via ross-anthony)


The worst kind of anxiety is the kind that comes with waves of depression. So you just lay in darkness, sweating from fear of the future, and sobbing because it feels as if your heart is being ripped to shreds. And it’s in those moments when you realize how few friends you really have.

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Anxiety is getting worse as the days go on, suffered a attack last night over basically nothing and once id calmed down I realised it didn’t even make sense what I had the attack over I just couldn’t help it I couldn’t breathe I was sweating I was fidgety I just can’t sit still. Today at work was the same I just have no shut off point. I am either in the best mood possible or the worst mood existing. These mood switches are exhausting and I am absolutely shattered :(